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The Laco Sac story is rooted in family.

Based in Toronto – and family run – Laco Sac is a multi-brand luggage shop which has proudly served Canadians for over three decades. By providing high-quality products including but not limited to luggage - Laco Sac has a thorough understanding of customer travel needs. 

With a vast – and ever growing variety of products - Laco Sac has remained a constant for Toronto’s comers and goers, who love accessing the world's best brand names in luggage and travel goods in one perfectly curated shop. 

With focus on enduring style, design and craftsmanship, the goal has always been to provide the best value for our clients and friends.

However, the resounding reason clients return to Laco Sac time and time again, is the deepest care and consideration with which we curate relationships. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and reliable service. All of which have helped cultivate a community of satisfied and faithful clients.

A lot has changed during the last 30 years, but you can still count on Laco Sac to prepare you for your journey - whether it's to the office or to the ocean. 

Thank you for choosing Laco Sac for your shopping needs.


The Laco Sac Team