What is TSA approved locking?

What is TSA approved locking?

Airport security is constantly tightening and evolving. Staying up to date with security measures is an essential part of traveling. As an alternate to asking travellers to leave their suitcases unlocked the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now suggests you lock your checked baggage with TSA accepted and recognized locks.

Travel Sentry® Approved locks are accepted and recognized by the TSA.

Look for the Travel Sentry® symbol (A red and white diamond) when shopping for these TSA accepted products.

The TSA screeners have access to special tools and universal keys, that allow them to open TSA-accepted locks in the event that your bags must be opened for inspection.

This will help avoid the need to cut your locks or to force the bag open and risk damaging it. Travel Security will simply open your locks, inspect, and re-lock your bags, sending them quickly and securely on their way.

This is the best way to keep your items safe on your journey,

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