Laco Sac Boutique's Carry-On Packing Master List

Laco Sac Boutique's Carry-On Packing Master List

Carry-on luggage packing can feel like daunting task. What do we take? What do we leave behind? 

Travelling days can feel hectic and anxiety inducing for even the most adept traveller so making sure your carry-on is stocked with all the necessities for your flight and arrival is key.

I like to think of my carry on as my in case of emergency kit for the duration of the flight and usually includes one night’s worth of supplies in case my checked baggage has gotten lost in transit (A lesson I had to learn the hard way).

There are two lists below. The essentials and the non-essentials but useful items I typically include in my carry-on luggage.

Hopefully, this can serve as a preliminary check list, which you can add to or ignore as you see fit.


  1. Travel documents: Including but not limited to – your passport, confirmation emails/ boarding pass, visa or immigration papers, covid-19 test results and/or vaccination print outs. Depending on where you’re travelling to, these documents can be requested in hard-copy, or printed form. It’s also nice to be prepared for any technical issues you may encounter if your phone is your primary tool to store documentation. Leather and non-leather passport wallets are a great option to help keep you organized and worry free during your travels and are always available at Laco Sac Boutiques.
  1. Medication: Any and all medication you need. This includes the more serious blood-pressure mediation or antibiotics – in addition to incidental medications such as pain medication, anti-nausea, anti-histamine, melatonin (for Jet-Lag), anti-bacterial gel, band-aids and always some form of anti-bacterial wipes/hand gel or spray. I also like to keep all my supplements on hand, including but most definitely not limited to Zinc, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C which helps keep immunity and energy optimal while travelling.
  1. Personal Care items: This will be unique from person to person but can include items such as contact-lens solution and reading glasses. Moisturizer, lip balm, hair brush/comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, face wash, cleansing cloths, deodorant. ***Liquids are limited in carry-on baggage, it is always best to double check with your specific airline before packing liquids.
  1. Extra Clothing: This can vary from person to person, but it’s always a good idea to carry an extra day’s worth of clothes in your carry-on in-case your checked baggage doesn’t arrive. This can include socks, undergarments, sleepwear, swimwear. It’s also always a great idea to pack a cardigan or pashmina – since airlines typically keep the temperature within the cabin cool. Also packing a pair of slides to wear while on board is convenient if you prefer to remove your shoes on board.
  1. Electronics/Charging: Phone, laptop, head phones, ear phones, charging cables, and portable charger.

Non – Essentials:

  1. Book/Tablet: Travel typically includes lots of waiting around. This is a great time to catch up on your leisurely reading. Look out for our next blog where we talk about some of our favourite books for travel. 
  1. Notebook/Pen: I always like to have the option to jot down ideas when I travel. It’s also a good idea to have a pen to fill out any on-board documents should you need to. Word games and cross word puzzles are also a great way to pass the time on long flights, especially when travelling with young kids.
  1. Water and snacks: Too many times has a flight been delayed to make this mistake again. It is true you cannot bring large vessels of liquid through security check points. However if you bring an empty water bottle, water fountains are typically accessible before boarding your flight. Keeping both salty and sweet snacks on hand will help save both money, time and usually excess calories on unhealthy and limited selections. This is especially true when travelling with young children. I usually opt for healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts as well as dark chocolate or a couple of protein bars. They take up little to no room and are always a convenient and healthy choice in a bind. 
  1. Comfort Items: Having a pillow on-board can be a huge comfort for long haul travel. Inflatable pillows are available at Laco Sac Boutiques for convenient options that take up little to no space in your carry-on; bean-bag and contour pillows for more support are also available. In addition to a pillow, other comfort items include eye shades, blankets and ear plugs to help ensure uninterrupted sleep while on board.
  1. Packing Cubes: Having an organizing system within your carry on can save much time and frustration when in the airport or on the flight. Packing Cubes are now a staple part of my packing process. Each cube contains and organizes items which I can pull out for quick access, without spillage or creating disarray. Packing cubes come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours and are always available at Laco Sac Boutiques.

Wishing you safe travels – The Laco Sac Boutique Team

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